Art collection at Proimos Maisonnettes

Number 1: Constantine Fischer, German, Photographer and installation artist, Dimitris Erinakis, Greek, architect and painter, Yannis Markantonakis, Greek, sculptor

Number 2: Constantine Fischer, German, Jan Liodaki, English and Greek, painter, Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter. Chrysa Vathianaki, Greek, painter and multimedia artist

Number 3: Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter, Kostis Petrakis, Greek, photographer

Number 4: Dimitris Androutsakis, Greek, painter, Irit Blumenthal, Israeli, painter

Number 5: Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter and Jan Liodaki, English and Greek, painter

Number 6:Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter and Jacob Porat, Israeli, painter and multimedia artist

Number 7: Timôlé, French, painter, Constantine Fischer, German, photographer

Number 8: Eugenia Athanasakou, Greek, painter, Michel Kalliyannis, Greek, painter

Number 9: Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter

Number 10: Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter, Alexander Kapsokavadis, Greek, painter

Number 11: Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter, Rena Braoudaki, Greek, painter

Number 12: Artemis Beltekou, Greek, painter

Reception: Fotis Lagoudakis, Greek, painter, Dimitra Tsalama, Greek, painter, Sofia Rosendahl, Norwegian, painter, Ben Schasforst, Dutch, painter, Ulhami Atalay, Turkish, painter

Garden: Two totemic statues by Jeffrey Bull, British, sculptor

Frog Island Snack Bar: a collection of Greek prewar commercial advertisements

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