Proimos Estate

Proimos Estate is located in the west of Crete in the inlands of the beach village Platanias, well known for its tourist infrastructure. Proimos Estate comprises a growing number of olive tree groves of the Koroneiki variety (olea Europea var. microcarpa alba or var. Mastoides) a variety producing a deep green olive oil with a slightly spicy taste and a fruity aroma.

Proimos Estate also cooperates with a few selected producers from the area who comply with our philosophy and values. We respect local communities and are proud to invest in the development of local economy. The estate spreads in the south of Platanias and besides olives includes orange trees (Merlin, Valencia and New Hall) and yellow grape fruit trees.

It also includes a beach bed and breakfast hotel, Proimos Maisonnettes ( ideal for those who would like to combine a relaxing stay by the beach along with an extensive tour of the estate, participation in the harvest and getting familiar with the surrounding area. We produce extra virgin organic olive oil of the finest quality which we bottle it in 500 ml bottles. Our olive oil production is certified and inspected by the Agency for Certification and Inspection of Organic Farming (ΔΗΩ).

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