Excursion ideas for Proimos Maisonnettes guests

  • 1.Cultural tour of the old town of Chania with dinner

We all take the bus around 17.30 together from Proimos Maisonnettes and head to Chania where from we take a walking guided tour of the old town, viewing several Minoan, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments. The tour can be made as long as the group desires and around 19.30 we sit in a meat or fish restaurant. We head back to the hotel around 22.30-23.00 by the bus.

  • 2.Cycling tour of inlands, south of Platanias

We rent bicycles (city bikes or mountain) and depart at around 15.30 for a cycling tour along the orange orchards and the olive groves. We pass along the river Iardanos, see the old settlement of Drakiana and may take one or two dirt roads just for fun. We visit Agia lake and watch a few birds and then we can visit Manousakis Winery and have a wine tasting. We can buy some wine at the Winery and return to the hotel to sip the wine and have dinner at the Frog Island. It is an easy bike route and we can have as many stops as the group wishes. It can also be designed to be more demanding for those sport oriented.

  • 3.Horse riding at Deres

We ride horses in beautiful mountain trails with a fantastic view to the grand bay of Chania. Possibility of an one hour ride or more. Upon one day notice we can organize a half a day excursion. We return to the hotel and have a dinner at the Frog Island or at Stavlos.

  • 4.Philosophy walks

We take a stroll towards the south developing a philosophical subject such as friendship, forgiveness, faith, love, death and others. There is initially a small introduction by the guide and subsequently a moderated discussion and exchange of views. We head towards a café in the abandoned village Drakiana where we take a rest and a coffee and then come back to the hotel.

  • 5.A guided tour at the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania

We depart from the hotel and head to Chania where we visit the Municipal Art Gallery and we have a guided tour of its current exhibition. May be combined with dinner subsequently in the old town.

For further inquiries or reservations please ask at the reception or the Frog Island Snack Bar.